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"Into Dimension X": Big Mikey Episode



I think that “Into Dimension X" will be a big Mikey episode that we’ve all been waiting for.

We know that Mikey had a deep relationship with Leatherhead and that he felt the most affected when Leatherhead sacrificed himself to fight off the Lava monster that came from Dimension X. So to hear…

Reblogging for the record. If Mikey sets off to rescue Leatherhead alone, otakusiren called it!

Update: Mikey was the one who took the initiative to slam the orb in an attempt to locate Leatherhead with the intent of a rescue. Plus, he was making progress in dimension X for a period of possibly months ahead of his brothers. In light of those facts, I’m gonna go ahead and declare that a good call on the part of otakusiren.

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